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Fermented Veg

Our business produces the ‘Tender Lovin’ Kraut’ range of artisan fermented vegetables produced here in Australia. We are truly passionate about bringing a high quality range of fermented vegetables to Australians.

100% vegan
100% gluten free
100% paleo
100% allergen free
100% delish!

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Isn’t it about time you ate something that is 100% natural which adds a zest or zing to what’s on your plate and elevates a dish to a different level?

Tasty and full of nutrients

For centuries, fermented veg has been known to be tasty and full of nutrients, to help build a better immune system, resulting in optimum...

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide a product which is wholesome, locally sourced which will support all-round health.

Full of probiotic goodness

Our Tender Lovin’ Kraut range is full of nutrients and probiotic goodness, so it’s kind to your gut too.


"Constantly restocking TLK’s famous kimchi for a few years now! The best fermented veg I’ve ever had AND it’s locally made! "

Kate SoukosKev's favourite barrista

"We been using Tender Lovin' Kraut for a long time and we've found there is just no other kraut that comes close. The kimchi is our absolute favorite and everyone who’s tried it loves it and gets hooked on it."

Daniel & TinaKarrinyup

"I had never tried kimchi but now I'm hooked with Tender Lovin' Kraut. A beautiful balance of flavours, colours, and texture. I'm looking forward to trying others in the range."

Julie Chartres

"The flavour is excellent and the texture perfect - just enough crunch in the cabbage."

Karen Gerrard

"I'm a vegan and this ticks all the boxes for me. Your red cabbage has been part of my new regime helping my gut health. So glad I found this product."

Peter White

"It's wonderful. Crispy, crunchy and delicious and I would say it's far superior to any others I've tasted."

Sally Chorlton