Our Story

The Fermented Veg range came about through the meeting of two minds. Lawrence was a successful qualified chef and restaurant owner who had worked in kitchens around the world, securing prestigious awards.

Born and brought up in WA, he returned to Perth to establish a restaurant on the coast. Here he met Kevin, a regular, loyal customer who had an interest in probiotics, healthy food and gut health.

Kevin’s fascination with fermentation had developed long before it had become ‘the talk’ of the health food world. He knew the fermentation process produced healthy enzymes and good bacteria.

Kevin suggested Lawrence should introduce fermented veg into his dishes, explaining its wider benefits and how it naturally enhances the flavour of many dishes.

The two joined forces to make a range of fermented veg in the restaurant kitchen, lovingly experimenting with ingredients and quantities and so the brand, Tender Lovin’ Kraut was born.

The kimchi was initially introduced into the restaurant as a side onto crispy pork belly on pureed potato with apple salsa and seared scallops. Feedback was unanimous – it was a hit with the clientele!

This prompted them to explore fermented veg further. They worked outside of restaurant hours – and at times couldn’t keep up with demand for the kimchi, red cabbage, sauerkraut, beetroot, kohlrabi and fennel.

Lawrence sold his restaurant to concentrate solely on Fermented Veg so the business could grow. In 2020, the two of them decided to bring their product to the open market.

The Fermented Veg range has had an enthusiastic reception from local supermarkets and distributors. Now the mission is to experiment with different flavours to produce even more products with a unique taste to nourish the body and the palate.

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Where to buy TLK

The following places stock TLK:

Carine Fresh
Marmion IGA
Duncraig IGA
Mosman Fresh IGA
The Good Grocer Leederville
The Herdsman Market
Acciari Butchers
Torre Butchers
Helena Valley Mini Mart
Old Bridge Cellars
The Grocer
Poynter Farmers Market