Isn’t it about time you ate something that is 100% natural which adds a zest or zing to what’s on your plate and elevates a dish to a different level?

Well our fermented range of products do just that! The unique flavours develop slowly through a clean fermentation process in all its natural glory.

We love what we do, and we love what fermentation does to food.

For centuries, fermented veg has been known to be tasty and full of nutrients, to help build a better immune system, resulting in optimum health.

We’re a small, independently owned partnership, truly passionate about bringing a high-quality range of fermented veg which is 100% vegan to people across Australia.

Our aim is to provide a product which is wholesome, locally sourced which will support all-round health.

Our Tender Lovin’ Kraut range is full of nutrients and probiotic goodness, so it’s kind to your gut too. The bold flavours will stimulate your taste buds and tease and enjoy even the most discerning of palates.